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Email Marketing, CRM Marketing, Customer Database Solutions, Campaign Management, Email Analytics, Central Reservations Call Center, Actionable Data, Reservation Sales System, Luxury Hotels, Vacation Rentals, Resorts, and Leisure Hospitality

  • Based in Bend, OR
  • Founded in 1987
  • 220 employees on LinkedIn

Company Description

NAVIS is the #1 reservation sales and marketing platform to empower your team’s performance and increase your revenue. Our Revenue Perf... read more

NAVIS is the #1 reservation sales and marketing platform to empower your team’s performance and increase your revenue. Our Revenue Performance Platform™ transforms hospitality teams into revenue makers, enabling them to drive, capture and convert more profitable direct bookings. We deliver actionable guest insights so your teams can seamlessly sell and market together. The result is always a dramatic increase in direct sales and profit. We guarantee it. Because we believe technology should make you money, not cost you money. NAVIS, founded in 1987 is a privately held company with headquarters in Bend, Oregon and satellite offices across the country. To learn more visit www.thenavisway.com.


Navis Ratings Summary

Recommend to a friend
+8% above category avg.
Number of Employees 220 38% vs. category avg
Years in Business 31 100% vs. category avg
Navis vs. Category Average
N/A 4.3 Ease of Use
+1% 4.3 ROI
+20% 5.0 Support
+6% 4.3 Onboarding

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Reviewed on05/21/17


"I highly advise using Navis"

"I highly advise using Navis"


Super easy to use, send lots of emails quickly and optimizes your workflow - has had a nice ROI for us


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  • Ease of Use
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Reviewed on05/21/17

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